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1 January 2024

Determination of Permethrin Samples using Leuco Crystal Violet Reagent

Bhatt et al., 2024

A new sensitive spectrophotometric method for the determination of permethrin insecticide in environmental and agricultural samples has been developed. The reaction mechanism is based on complexation followed by coupling of permethrin with leuco crystal violet (LCV). This method is based on the measurement of red shift of absorbance band of LCV in the UV-Visible region of 200-800 nm. The resulting complex absorption spectra was observed at λmax = 580 nm. The color of permethrin was changed from colorless to violet by the addition of LCV. The effects of various pesticides and metal ions on the selective determination of permethrin were also studied. The analytical parameters were improved and effectively employed for permethrin assessment in a variety of environmental samples including water, soil and vegetables. The purpose of the present research was to design a method for the color complexation determination of permethrin. We have employed LCV as a reagent to form a complex with permethrin. The limit of detection was 0.34 µg mL-1 and the limit of quantification was 1.06 µg mL-1. The Sandell’s sensitivity is found 0.29×107 µg cm-2 and molar absorptivity of the colored system is 3×10-5 L mol-1cm-1. The advantages of using present method are its simplicity, selectivity and sensitivity towards the analysis of permethrin using LCV in water, soil and vegetable samples.

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