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July-Dec, 2022

Volume I Issue 2

Environmental Science Archives

Published Papers


Effect of Chemical NPK, Organic and Foliar (High Potash) Fertilizers on Potato Growth and Tuber Yield

Ali H Jasim, Mustafa MA El-Balla and Hameed MA AL-Nabhani

Effect of Process Variables on Chemical Treatment of Jute Fibers

Mahbubul Alam, HM Zakir Hossain, Zakaria Ahmed and Mahmuda Khatun

Danio rerio as a Model Animal for Assessing Microplastic Toxicity

Heena Gupta, Sanjogdeep Kaur and Zorawar Singh

Responses of Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus Moench) to Low Levels of Cadmium Compared to Ascorbic Acid, Biomin and Potassium Sulfate

Israa Abd Alryahii and Ali H Jasim

Various Applications of Eco-friendly Jute and as an Alternative of Environmentally Hazardous Plastic - A Review

Zakaria Ahmed

Biomedical Waste Management: A Much-Needed Thrust Area for Environmental Protection in the Present Era

Amandeep Singh

Environmental Conservation Strategies in City of Joondalup Coastal and Foreshore Management Plan 2014 -2024

Priya Khangotra

Organic Farming: A Step towards Better Environment

Sakshi Kaushal and Zorawar Singh

Bioluminescent Mushrooms: Boon for Environmental Health

Waill A. Elkhateeb and Ghoson M. Daba

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