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Focus and Scope

Environmental Science Archives (ESA) is an international, peer-reviewed, journal publishing articles on all aspects of environmental sciences. 

ESA is a journal dedicated to reporting results of basic and applied environmental research with direct application to environmental, industrial, and occupational health. Such research may include the fields of environmental pollution, pollutants, genetic and cellular toxicology due to pollutants, as well as health risk assessment and risk assessment as applied to hazardous wastes, sites, and groundwater. 



- Environmental Science

- Ecotoxicology                     

- Environmental Engineering 

- Environmental Conservation

- Industrial pollution                

- Fisheries     

- Environmental Health            

- Biotechnology                           

- Microbiology                                       

- Forestry                            

- Toxicology                                    

- Ecology                                             

- Agricultural Science

- Entomology

- Pollution research

- Geological Science

- Occupational exposures

- Occupational Health

ESA publishes international peer-reviewed original research and reviews on subjects of contemporary importance to environmentalists, toxicologists, and biochemists, as well as technical reports, and meeting proceedings. The journal also considers the results of rigorous, well-designed studies that demonstrate “no effect” or that fail to replicate previous work (“negative data”) as important to the advancement of science.

ESA provides scientists and engineers throughout the world with a central vehicle for the exchange and dissemination of basic theoretical studies and applied research in the field of environmental sciences. The latest research achievements and innovative papers in basic theoretical studies and applied research of environmental science will be carefully selected and promptly reported. Thus, the aim of this Journal is to serve the globe with the latest research findings.

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