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Toxicological Studies as a Tool to Restore Environmental Conditions

Jaspreet Singh Dhau and Zorawar Singh

11 Jan 2023

DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.7524187


How helpful are these tests for acute toxicity, has been questioned by many researchers. Numerous ecotoxicologists claim that the advantages of these tests lie in their ability to recreate certain environmental conditions in the lab, which allows for the evaluation of acute toxicity afterward. Whether these acute tests provide useful information on how a certain substance affects individuals and communities is a related question. The other species are not taken into consideration if testing is done on a specific species. Because of this, there is always some debate over their accuracy or the usefulness of extrapolating from one species to another. But that study on a single species, provides a piece of information which will be helpful in creating the compilation of toxic effects of a particular compound on different species.


Vice President, Research and Development Division, Molekule Inc., Tampa, USA
Department of Zoology, Khalsa College Amritsar, Punjab, India 143001
Correspondence and requests for materials should be addressed to ZS



Dhau JS and Singh Z (2023) Toxicological Studies as a Tool to Restore Environmental Conditions. Environ Sci Arch 2(STI-2):1-2.


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