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JAN-JUNE, 2022

Volume I Issue 1

Environmental Science Archives

Published Papers


Microplastics are Everywhere

Zorawar Singh

Implications of Climatic Change on Physico-chemical Parameters of Freshwater and Fisheries: A Review

Mohita Sardana, Amit Priyadarshi and Dina Nath Pandit

Reproductive Behaviour in Agapornis roseicollis

Jasjit Kaur Randhawa and Lakhvinder Singh

Significance Determination of Best Practices in the Perth-Darwin National Highway (Swan Valley Section), Western Australia

Priya Khangotra

Application and Fastness Analysis of Natural Dyes on Cotton Knitted Fabric

Neaz Morshed, Zakaria Ahmed, Ashraful Alam, Pulak Talukder, Taslima Rahman

Environmental Radon, Thoron and their Decay Products may cause Lung Cancer: Need for Effective Measurements

Parminder Singh

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