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JULY-DEC, 2023

Volume II Issue 2

Environmental Science Archives

Published Papers


Biochar as a Versatile and Beneficial Soil Amendment: Recent Approaches

Zorawar Singh and Punit Puri

E-Vehicles and Effects of their Chemical Constituents on Different Organisms

Sanjoli Mahajan

Analysis of Phytochemical Potentiality and In Vitro Antimicrobial Properties of Jute Leaf Extracts

Zakaria Ahmed

Building a Sustainable Future: Innovative Application of China Clay from Kerala in LC3

Nipin Krishna AR, Vidya Sadasivan, Anagh UP, Reesha Bharath

The Values and Blue Carbon Ecosystem of the Chilika Lagoon through Ages, India

Siba Prasad Mishra 1, Saswat Kumar Mohapatra 2, Kumar Chandra Sethi 1

Impact of Microplastic Pollution on Human Health

Pamil Tayal, Shantanu Mandal, Pawani Pandey, Nipun Kumar Verma

Study on Strength Behaviour of Handmade Paper Treated by Sizing Material "Rosin"

HM Zakir Hossain, SMB Rahman, MM Rashid, Jahid Sarker and Mahmuda Khatun

Response of Sweet Corn Growth to Soil Fertilization with Sulfur, NPK Levels and Spraying of Ascorbic Acid

Ali Hussein Jasim and Mohammad Raheem Hariz

A Comparative Investigation of Rain Water Quality Parameters Between Natural and Industrial Areas in Duhok Governorate, Kurdistan Region-Iraq

Najmaldin Ezaldin Hassan

Bacterial Inocula Package Formulation and Application for Fibre Extraction from Bark of Dried Cultivated Varieties of Corchorus capsularis

Zakaria Ahmed

Isolation and Characterization of Bacterial Species from Selected Swimming Pools of Makurdi, Nigeria

Joel Inya Odo 1, Ebah Esther Eneyi 2 and Odion Blessing 2

Entomotoxic Potential of Plant Lectins as an Environment Friendly Tool to Control Insect Pests

Jaspreet Singh 1, Amandeep Singh 2 and Sandeep Singh 3

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